Posters and Flyers

Here you can find some of PDXSol’s posters and flyers that are available for the public to distribute. We are always looking for new campaigns, and the primary way in which we find those campaigns is through responses to our posters and flyers. Our members try to poster around town as often as possible, but we can always use help, so don’t hesitate to download any of our posters or flyers and put them up on your own time. Or, if you don’t can’t afford to pay for copies, contact us and we can meet in person and provide you with any or our posters or flyers.

After you click the link to each poster or flyer, you will be taken to a page with another link with the same name. Right-click this link, and then select ‘Save page as’ or ‘Save link as’, and you will be given the option of where you want the documents saved.

Here’s our primary campaign outreach poster in .pdf format:

Main Flyer (finished)

This is another campaign outreach poster, this one being directed specifically at workers, in .pdf format:

Work Flyer (finished)

Here’s our smaller campaign outreach poster, with four to a page, in .pdf format:

Quarter Flyer (finished)

This is a half-page flyer announcing our campaign victory. This can also serve as a campaign outreach flyer, in .doc format:

Victory Flyer Adjusted Version