Need help?

Have you been experiencing abuse, harassment, or exploitation at your residence or workplace?

The primary activity of the Portland Solidarity Network (PDXSol) is engaging in direct action campaigns that target a specific boss or landlord in order to achieve demands for workers or tenants. While our organization embraces the broader struggle for worker and tenant rights self-determination, we take on campaigns in response to specific instances of abuse by bosses or landlords. If you have been the victim of unfair, illegal, or abusive treatment in your workplace or residence, contact us and tell us your story – we may be able to take on your campaign.

Has your boss…

  • Fired you unfairly or illegally?
  • Stolen or withheld wages?
  • Threatened or harassed you or other employees?

Has your landlord…

  • Evicted you or threatened to evict you unfairly or illegally?
  • Refused or needlessly delayed repairs?
  • Stolen or withheld your deposit?

Has your boss or landlord done something that does not fall into the above categories? Tell us what happened and we can talk about it.

To contact PDXSol, send an e-mail to or leave us a voicemail at (503) 446-6065. Please note that this phone number is ONLY a voicemail, but we will respond very soon if not immediately after you call.


4 thoughts on “Need help?

  1. My landlord gave us a 60 day notice to vacate with no reason (we were on a month to month, so that’s not the problem)… After we moved out he kept our 1150 dollar deposits and then got a 2000 judgement against me because he claimed there was so much dog poop that the carpets needed replacing. The carpets were over 5 years old and he replaced em himself. He had someone serve me papers saying we needed to reply by Oct 15… but this was on Oct. 16th when they served us at our new home…. I had no way of defending myself in court and now there is a judgement against my wife and myself for almost 2000! Is there anything I can do? Thanks for your time… Parker Bell & Sarah Shanky / New Sellwood Residents

  2. have been lied to about getting my deposit back, accused of things i “didnt” do, permanantly excluded from applying for housing at that particular property……. while other tenants still their, get away with anything they want to…………plus now i”m being turned down for housing, even with an verifiable income……..thanks for letting me “vent”……….to you…….

  3. On December 23rd I received a call from my landlord that said the house we have been renting had be sold and we had 30 days to vacate per the new owners request. Once I told him that with our month to month agreement we were to be given at least 60 days he countered with a bribe of our December rent being refunded upon move out if we agreed to be out in 30. We accepted because we have no money afyer the holidays and were in no way prepared to move out of the blue. Fast forward a week; we get a call from the landlord saying the buyer has backed out, we can stay if we want…great right? Were thought so, so I said long as we can get on a one year lease so this doesn’t unexpectedly happen again. He says, should be no problem he just has to clear it with his partner in NY. He tells me stop packing, stop looking hang tight…fine. Yesterday he calls me and says sorry, the new buyer is back in..the 30 day stands…after we’ve been sitting on our hands for a week, getting our hopes up that we can keep the house that we have worked so hard on this was devastating. We have no prospects of where to go so i think, I’ll call the new buyer..maybe he’ll be a good guy and have a property he’d be willing to rent so we don’t end up in rental limbo for who knows how long. He informs me that they did not renegotiate a deal and have no intentions of buying the house. WHAT!? So, now I’m worried that our deposit and rent refund/bribe are not coming to us..I google my landlord, find out he’s been involved in major ponzi schemes, lawsuits, etc. So I’m freaking out. No where to go, no money, no idea what’s going on. HELP

  4. I paid University Pointe @ College Station a $150.00 Security Deposit to move, but got another Apartment, in September of 2012, and they still haven’t return my Deposit! They have been giving me the run around! Thank you in advance for you’re help!

    Dr. Najinya A. Shinskia

    University Pointe @ College Station
    1955 S.W. 5th Ave.
    Portland, OR 97201
    Jessica DeGennaro (Resident Director)
    503-924-0003/ Fax 503-270-5948


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