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Are you interested in joining the Portland Solidarity Network (PDXSol)?

We are always looking for folks to become members of our organization! Contact us and we will let you know when and where we have our meetings, and you can attend. Or, let us know if you would like more information or you have specific questions you would like to have answered before you join, and we can set up a meeting to explain more about PDXSol. Please note: Our meetings are now child and family accessible!

Become a supporter of PDXSol.

As a supporter, you will be added to our contact list so that you receive alerts about upcoming actions and updates about the progress of campaigns. You can help as little or as much as you’d like, and you will not be obligated in any way. The contributions we receive from allies in the community is what helps us win campaigns for workers and tenants.

Hit the streets: Put up posters or distribute flyers for PDXSol.

We are always looking for new campaigns, and the primary way in which we find those campaigns is through responses to our posters and flyers. Go to ‘Posters and Flyers‘ to download our materials. If you don’t can’t afford to make copies, contact us and we can provide you with any of our posters or flyers.

Other contact

Send an e-mail to or leave a voicemail at (503) 446-6065. Please note that this phone number is ONLY a voicemail, but we will respond very soon if not immediately after you call.


One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Hi guys,

    Were setting up a solidarity network in Kitchener Ontario CANADA and we wanted to inquire about how your network votes on taking a case. What percentage of people do you need to pass a motion? Do you use consensus?

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