About PDXSol

Who we are

The Portland Solidarity Network (PDXSol) is an all-volunteer organization devoted to advocating for the rights of workers and tenants. We use direct action to confront individuals, organizations, or corporations responsible for exploiting, harassing, or cheating – in monetary or non-monetary terms – workers or tenants. The Seattle Solidarity Network (SeaSol – http://seasol.net), which has been in existence for more than five years, is our chief inspiration and organizational model.

Partners and Allies

Our organizing model

Portland Solidarity Network embraces the broader struggle for worker and tenant self-determination, but we principally operate within the context of direct action campaigns. We initiate campaigns in response to specific instances of abuse by bosses or landlords. Our campaigns consist of direct action aimed at achieving specific demands for individual workers or tenants. We are dedicated to the principle that an injury to one is an injury to all.


6 thoughts on “About PDXSol

  1. I’m searching for “Justice” in regard to a 9 year tour of duty with a local sports enterprise, in which (As an employee) I was wrongfully terminated without due process, and subjected to 2nd hand smoke in a city owned facility, among other “Human Rights Violations”. Due to the “Hype” over this facility and the general climate of “sports enthusiasm”, I have not been able to present this case to the powers that be. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. im ablind dibetic ampute? with mental issues h.a.p of portland is wrongfully eveciting me over unlawfull entry from staff i do not feel safe can anybody look into this 7 monts ago this all started immore tnen overwelmed my life is at risk willie 503 875 9925

  3. Congratulations on your peaceful and effective action on behalf of Beth. The video and newscast was inspiring. Kudos to all of you and keep up the energy! This approach has my admiration for bypassing wasteful ligation and just letting the offender know that he cannot simple fairness. Keep on!

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